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The Parent Support Group Project Has Launched!

October 2, 2014

We are pleased to announce that The Support Group Project launched today!

The Support Group Project is dedicated to helping parents and family members of loved ones dealing with a substance use issue find a support group in their community.

You can search for support group programs by zip code, even by preferred meeting date. Detailed information about each group is available and includes information such as who the group may be appropriate for; how many people typically attend the group and what additional supports the group may offer such as referrals and peer support.

In order to meet the needs of parents and families across America, the Treatment Research Institute and Hope for Addiction invite support groups nation-wide to register their group to the website. Registration is free and only requires that groups maintain up-to-date program information.

If you host a support group, you can register your group here.

For full details, please see the TRI Press Release.

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HFA and the Treatment Research Institute Collaborate on a Parent Support Group Finder

Hope for Addiction is very pleased to announce our collaboration with the Treatment Research Institute (TRI) of Philadelphia to develop a Parent Support Group Finder.  Research has clearly shown that addiction is a chronic illness and that there is a distinct 'at risk period' for the development of a substance abuse problem.  Over 90% of diagnosable addiction is active before the age of 22 years.  Nearly  two-thirds of all families are affected by addiction in some way.  Despite these staggering numbers, parents of children struggling with substance-related problems often feel completely alone. Supportive and educational resources are woefully inadequate, contributing to the sense of isolation and stigmatization that families often experience.

Unlike other chronic illnesses beginning in childhood, parents of substance abusing teens do not have easy access to a network of support in their communities.  Hope for Addiction and TRI are working together to develop a tool to collect and provide information about support groups for families struggling with substance abuse. We believe that this resource is critical to increasing community among families affected by addiction, and to reducing some of the stigma associated with it. Our goal is to fully develop an online Parent Support Group Finder for the greater Philadelphia area within one year, and to create the data infrastructure to make the tool nationally scaled within 18 months.

This project will also be supported by the NIDA-funded Parent's Translational Research Center at TRI. Thanks to the generous donations made to Hope for Addiction, we are also able to help fund this important project.  If you would like to donate to Hope for Addiction to support this project as well as future collaborative projects with TRI, or to contribute to our ongoing scholarship program, please visit our donation page.    


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The tragic loss of our children united us to spread awareness and education of drug addiction affecting our youth.We invite you to join us in our efforts so that all children can live to realize their hopes and dreams.

- Patricia Day and Cherylyn Marcy, Hope for Addiction Co-Founders

Our Mission

We are a foundation built through a grass roots effort to unite parents and family members whose children fought and lost their battle to the disease of addiction.

Our mission is to broaden the education and awareness of this disease and its profound and long term effect on our children.

Our goal is to fund scientific research studies of addiction that will allow us to expand our knowledge of addiction and discover a cure.

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