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The Dangers of Drug Use

Tens of thousands of Americans die from drug overdose each year — and more than 60% of those deaths had at least one potential opportunity for intervention. Our work is focusing on making those interventions more effective, and making statistics like these a thing of the past.

How Addiction Changes Brain Chemistry

Understanding why some individuals develop addiction quickly while others do not requires a closer look at the neurobiological, genetic and environmental factors.

The Link Between Mental Health and Drug Use

Research has shown that mental health and substance use disorders often intersect in a complex relationship where each condition can worsen the other, causing a vicious cycle that can be hard to escape.

What to do when it’s you or your loved one

Learn what the progression of addiction looks like and how to tell if you or a loved one may have a problem. And get information about all the available options for treatment that are backed by research and real results.

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