Leading in Pain and Addiction

Our initiatives highlight NCWR’s commitment to advancing knowledge and improving the lives of people dealing with these complex health issues.

We are committed to groundbreaking biomedical research, diving into the intricate molecular workings of pain and addiction and exploring alternative treatment approaches. We take a comprehensive approach to research by encouraging collaboration among experts from various fields, including medicine, neuroscience, psychology and pharmacology. These efforts help ensure a well-rounded understanding of addiction and pain paving the way for comprehensive treatment strategies.

Three scientists in lab coats and goggles, standing before beakers and lab equipment, conducting research.

Our leadership in pain management and addiction research is defined by its dedication to cutting-edge technology, interdisciplinary cooperation, community involvement and a steadfast focus on improving the lives of individuals affected by these conditions.

We seek to actively partner with community organizations, corporate leaders and other research entities to harness collective resources and expertise. These collaborations magnify the impact and reach of our research, expanding our influence on pain and addiction treatment. We are dedicated to keeping healthcare professionals, students and the general public informed about the latest developments in pain and addiction management.