White pills highlighted on a table with prescription bottles in the background

Historic Settlement Advances the Mission

A historic settlement between the State of Oklahoma and Purdue Pharma in March 2019 established a $200 million endowment positioning NCWR to provide leading-edge research to treat the opioid addiction epidemic gripping the country.

Outside of the legal settlement, NCWR was given access to more than 20 years of research molecules and data that were developed with a goal of advancing the science of pain and addiction and to hopefully discover safer alternatives to treatment. Much of this research has never been published, giving the NCWR research team unique insights that are streamlining our research priorities. 

NCWR was also provided with access to nearly 50,000 human bio samples from consenting patients enrolled in more than 20 Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials where opioids and non-opioids were under investigation. In the long term, we hope to leverage this asset to discover biomarkers relevant to pain and addiction, neither of which are currently available in clinical practice.