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  • Fentanyl has found its way into illegal drug markets where its high potency is killing people. It is often mixed with other drugs, which significantly increases the risk of overdose, as users may not know it’s been added or that what they are taking is laced with fentanyl.

    An authentic lethal dose of fentanyl is displayed on the point of a number 2 pencil for size reference.

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  • Hot Seat Extra: The Fentanyl Crisis

    Don Kyle, chief executive officer of the National Center for Wellness and Recovery, was a recent guest on ‘Hot Seat.’ Tune in as he discusses the fentanyl crisis, important research and hope for individuals and families facing pain and addiction. Remember, there is no shame in seeking help. Contact the OSU NCWR Addiction and Recovery…

  • DEA delays decision on telehealth regulations

    Dr. Kelly Dunn, executive director of clinical treatment at the National Center for Wellness and Recovery speaks with Denver7, about the “Temporary Extension of COVID-19 Telemedicine Flexibilities for Prescription of Controlled Medications.” Dunn said in part, “With addiction care; it’s most successful when there’s as little obstacle as possible to access that care.”