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NCWR Addiction Recovery Clinic at OSU

We are pleased to report ongoing efforts to increase our patient base as we remain dedicated to aiding individuals on their path to recovery. Additionally, we actively train medical residents to enhance their comprehension of treating substance use disorders and combating associated stigma, improving treatment standards now and in the future.

Pilot Studies

The National Center for Wellness and Recovery (NCWR) is currently establishing several pilot programs that can benefit both the state of Oklahoma and people across the nation. These programs aim to create a roadmap for implementing mobile treatment initiatives, which could significantly impact the landscape of substance use disorder (SUD) treatment and recovery.

Clinical Trial Growth

We are actively working to establish and expand our clinical trials program to enhance our understanding of pain management, substance use disorder (SUD) and addiction.

In-House Research

In Tulsa, our neuroscience team is engaged in various projects, including research on the impact of opioids on gut health and exploring any potential correlation between this relationship and Alzheimer’s disease.

Economic Growth

As we develop partnerships with diverse organizations and businesses, we’re committed to advancing economic development in Tulsa. These collaborations not only create new opportunities for medical professionals and researchers, fostering hope and economic growth but also help with talent retention enhancing the vibrancy of our community. Some of the startups we work with may need help getting new ideas off the ground and your commitment could help make that happen.