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We seek partners dedicated to solving the problems of the opioid epidemic. We are looking for innovative solutions in all aspects of the disease. Our broad interests include research on pharmacological products, devices, treatment protocols, technology (such as addiction apps), education and community programs. Overall, we seek partners and collaborators who share our passion to make a difference and who bring synergistic know-how and capabilities to the research.


Oklahoma State University

The story of NCWR is deep with commitment and a passion to destigmatize addiction and open pathways for treatment through cutting-edge research and treatment innovations.

The University of Arizona

The collaboration between the National Center for Wellness and Recovery at Oklahoma State University and the University of Arizona Health Sciences Comprehensive Center for Pain and Addiction (CCPA) and Center of Excellence for Addiction Studies (CEAS) represents a significant and proactive response to the intertwined challenges of substance use disorders and chronic pain crisis. Through a range of research and clinical initiatives, we are working together to address these pressing issues. We began working together in 2022 and continue to see positive outcomes.

What We Look for in Research Collaborations 

The National Center for Wellness and Recovery actively seeks research partners and collaborators who share our unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge and improving outcomes for individuals grappling with chronic pain and substance use disorders. We value collaboration with organizations and individuals who bring a unique blend of expertise, innovative approaches and a passion for transformative research. Our focus is on fostering partnerships that transcend traditional boundaries, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration that spans the continuum from bench to bedside.

We’re looking for partners who genuinely want to make a difference in the world of chronic pain and addiction. We’re big believers in the power of teamwork and think that magic happens when people with different skills come together to tackle the tough issues of chronic pain and addiction. We see collaboration as a two-way street, where partners bring their unique strengths to the table.

Together, we want to create groundbreaking solutions that can make life better for those facing  chronic pain and substance use disorders. We are committed to translational research, as we’re eager to turn scientific discoveries into practical, real-world solutions.

We welcome partners who want to bridge the gap between research findings and meaningful improvements for people facing the challenges of chronic pain and substance use disorders.

For inquiries about research collaborations with the National Center for Wellness and Recovery, please contact Ann Kraft at