• Mental Health and Addiction

    May marks Mental Health Awareness Month, a great time to explore the connections between mental health, substance use disorders (SUDs) and addiction.

    Psychotherapy session, woman talking to psychologist in counseling session.
  • Fentanyl and National Fentanyl Awareness Day

    Fentanyl has found its way into illegal drug markets where its high potency is killing people. It is often mixed with other drugs, which significantly increases the risk of overdose, as users may not know it’s been added or that what they are taking is laced with fentanyl.

    An authentic lethal dose of fentanyl is displayed on the point of a number 2 pencil for size reference.
  • Talking with Teens and Young Adults about Alcohol

    April is known for bright colors, springtime weather and new life. It also marks Alcohol Awareness Month and an opportunity to breathe some of that new life into conversations with teens about alcohol ahead of all the fun festivities that come with the season.

    Friendly friends posing outdoors in the evening