Oklahoma State University A&M Board of Regents Approves Appointment of CEO for the National Center for Wellness and Recovery

An Image Dr. Don Kyle, CEO of the National Center for Wellness and Recovery

Stillwater, Okla. (Jan. 21, 2022) – The Oklahoma State University A&M Board of Regents today approved the appointment of noted researcher Dr. Don Kyle as chief executive officer for the National Center for Wellness and Recovery (NCWR) based at Oklahoma State’s Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Kyle previously served as executive director of biomedical research at NCWR. For the last two years he has also served as an adjunct professor in the Department of Biomedical Science at Oklahoma State University. With more than 100 patents and 200 publications, Kyle brings more than 30 years of biomedical insight to the field of addiction medicine.

Established in 2019, NCWR is governed by the National Center for Addiction Studies and Treatment (NCAST) Foundation board of trustees. The research institute is affiliated with the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences to advance opioid addiction research and treatment.

“We appreciate today’s approval by the OSU A&M Board of Regents,” said Dr. Johnny Stephens, president of Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences. “Dr. Don Kyle brings unparalleled expertise in pharmaceutical and biomedical research, which will shape the future of medically assisted treatment of opioid use disorder in Oklahoma and across the nation. His talent and knowledge is matched by a heart to serve and eradicate an epidemic plaguing our nation.”

A historic settlement between the State of Oklahoma and Purdue Pharma established a $200 million endowment for NCWR and positioned the center to provide leading-edge research to treat the opioid addiction epidemic gripping the country. The National Center for Wellness and Recovery is Oklahoma’s most comprehensive treatment and research center for treating pain and addiction.

The former vice president of Research at Purdue Pharma, Kyle will direct researchers at NCWR to develop new strategies aimed at pain and addiction. He will leverage the unprecedented access to various assets from Purdue’s former discovery research operation, including novel molecules, research data, specialized cell lines and human bio-samples from more than 25 phase 2-3 clinical trials for biomarker research.

“I am honored to work with the mission-driven and outstanding team at NCWR who are committed to finding solutions to the pervasive addiction issue in our nation,” said Kyle. “I am passionate about advancing our understanding of the complex relationship between addiction treatment and pain management and developing safe alternatives.”

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