• The drastic increase in opioid overdose deaths is largely due to Fentanyl poisoning. Illegal Fentanyl is cheaper than most other drugs on the streets and is being intentionally substituted into cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and other drugs to make more money and get people hooked.

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  • Just like insulin is used to treat diabetes, medications are available to treat addiction. Historically, misinformation about this treatment option has prevented people from getting the necessary care to overcome addiction. However, people are becoming increasingly aware of the facts about addiction and the benefits of medications used to treat addiction.

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  • Experts agree that brains do not fully develop until about age 25. For most people, this is the age when decision-making skills and impulse control begin to stabilize, and adults begin to understand the consequences of actions and make better choices.

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  • One of the entry points for the misuse and overuse of opioids is during treatment for severe pain from athletic injuries.

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